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Our Advanced Content Management System (CMS) tool allows you to maintain your website, from any computer that provides internet access! That means you can now:

  • Add/Edit/Delete copy on any page
  • Add/Edit/Delete photos/graphics on any page
  • Create links to other pages or other websites
  • Change a type's color & size and make it bold and/or italicized

Changes are instant! You hit Save/Close and you just updated your website from the beach, mountain retreat or, yes, even from your office! This is all done through a simle interface that doesn't require you to download any softrware. You just need a computer with internet access.

See how it's done - Check out our video!
In less time than it takes to pour a cup of coffee, add creamer, a couple scoops of sugar and come back to your computer, we:

  • Opened the CMS tool
  • Decided where to add a photo
  • Browsed to your server
  • Uploaded a photo from your computer
  • Set its alignment on the page
  • Change copy
  • Take out bold and not italic
  • Change the font color
  • Enlarge the text
  • Hit Save/Close
  • Your website is instantly updated around the world wide web in under 48 seconds!!!

Maybe you're still not comfortable. We are here to help you. For many of our clients, they prefer Peregrine to keep their website fresh with updates, articles and new photos. We can do as little or as much as you need!

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