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So you built your website, but do you know if you've got visitors? It's not enough to build a great website, you work hard to drive folks to your pages through links on your FaceBook, eNews Blasts and especially when you use QR codes on mailers, brochures and slim-jim handouts. Why wouldn't you want to know?


With analytics, you'll find out:

  • How many visits you get a day, week or even by month
  • You can compare this with the previous time period
  • Know what search engines are being used to find you
  • Learn what web sites your visitors may be coming from
  • Geographically speaking, where are they
  • What pages are visited, how long a page is viewed and where are they leaving your site
  • Where are the bounce pages
  • And so much more


You can visit your own analytics page anytime and we can also create reports that are automatically generated and sent to you as PDFs.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a sudden spike in visits to specific pages

on your website letting you know your marketing is working?!



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