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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets you noticed and found on search engines. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Have your website built and hope the spiders from all the search engines find your site, or
  2. Have real Search Engine Optimization done by professionals using best practices set forth by the search engines themselves

How to accomplish proper SEO...

  • Research! Compare your business to others to determine the best key words
  • Don't use search words you think your clients will use, but what they actually use
  • Integrate the best 5 keywords into every page -- the first paragraph or two is best
  • Make sure your website has separate pages for every service you offer
  • Program a brief description on every page
  • Photos and graphics should be 'tagged'
  • Hand submit the entire database of keywords to the proper search engines
  • Get listed on directories -- there are hundreds of them
  • Then check your analytics and keep updating

Add to this White Papers, Blogs, Directories, Facebook, Twitter and making sure your website is linked from other websites and directories...and you're on your way to getting noticed!

There's more to Search Engine Optimization than hoping search engine spiders find your website. Let us help you get the attention you deserve!

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