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eMail Blasts also known as eNewsletters are a great way to get 'face time'! For as little as $15/month, you can send eNewsletters, Specials and Announcement blasts as often as you need! That's target marketing at its finest!


Send a blast once a month, once a week or as often you need. The monthly budget stays the same!


  • Create different mailing lists
    • Clients, Board Members, Employees, Volunteers
  • Develop a few different templates
    • General and In-house use only
  • Tracking reports include 'opens' and 'links'
  • Easily maintain your mailing lists
    • Your clients can even sign up themselves with a link from your site
  • Add photos, graphics and links back to your website
  • Tie eNews blasts to your Facebook account
  • Archive newsletters to post on your website

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Here are some samples of our clients' eNewsletters! And if you're interested, we can sign you up for a FREE 60 DAY TRIAL!!!


Carol for Heart

Smart Soccer

Loving Arms Elder Care


One of the most cost-effective marketing tools in your arsenal!

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