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To Tweet or not to Tweet...that is the question.
Much like Facebook, just because it's available, doesn't mean you should or want to use it! Think about this, do you have a business where dozens -- or hundreds -- would be interested in your every move?
But there are also lots and lots of reasons to have an account. Think restaurants for example. You could tweet specials:

  • "How about dinner from us? $3.99 Hoagie tonight only"
  • "We're open early-99¢ cup of Java today before 8am"
  • "Weather's nasty, but come in for a cup of home-made soup"

Tweets are instant, what's happening right now, check out this stuff today kind of messages. And like FB, you need to keep up with them. So if you're willing to invest the time (or have a professional do it for you), then let's start Tweeting Today!

Tweeting means every day! Just come up with 365+ thoughts per year?

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