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Facebook, everyone's doing it, so why shouldn't you?
Did you know that Facebook is the #2 search engine used on the internet? Over 1 billion people use it every month? Or that there are over 665 million active users every day? Do you want a piece of that?
Of course you might...but be careful. FB is a great tool to use, but you have to use it correctly, or don't use it at all. We've seen business FB pages that haven't been updated in over a year! That's negative advertising. We've also seen pages that are updated 3-4 times every day and that's overkill. When considering using Facebook, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will you be able to post 2-3 times every week?
  2. Can you come up with great content consistently?
  3. Is your website ready to receive FB followers?
  4. DO YOU HAVE THE TIME or are you willing to pay someone qualified to maintain it for you?

If you answered yes, than join the Facebook crowd! If no or not now, maybe it's not the best time to start...but it doesn't mean you can't look at this great tool in a few months. Remember, FB is a reflection of your business.


Here are some Do's and Don'ts:
The new rule is that you can put anything you want into a FB header. If the text takes up more than 20% of the image you won't be able to promote the image with a FB ad, but most people don't use the profile header that way anyway.
DO sign up for FB the correct way

  • Not sure how, ask an expert -- do it right the first time, it can be very tough to fix later
  • Make sure you set the account up under the right category

DON'T let everyone create FB accounts for you

  • We've seen as many as 4 FB accounts for one business -- all of them incorrect!

DO create a great looking header and thumbnail

DON'T allow your header to have

  • Words like Sales and Specials or other forms of advertising
  • Your website address
  • The text on your header can't take up more than 20% of the total area

DO post new content around 2-3 times a week

  • Make the posts interesting
  • In business, no one cares if you went out for a donut
  • They will be interested if you found a solution to a client's needs
  • Have contests -- with all the details on your website
  • Tips of the Week -- DIY's that lead them back to your site for the full article
  • Post great PROFESSIONAL photos

DON'T post sales all the time

  • Experts say that sales and specials shouldn't be more than 20% of your posts
  • Doing more could cause many to 'unlike' your account

DO have someone maintain your FB pages that has experience in Business FB pages
DON'T let your friend's, daughter's cousin who has 5,000+ LIKES run your Business FB

  • No one cares that they have all those friends because she posts cute photos of her kitten with a Santa Claus hat
  • Or that she just went shopping and got the cutest outfit
  • Your business is professional, so are your FB pages

So many Do's and Don'ts. Even though your niece's FB has 1,000+ likes because followers love the pics of her cat in a santa cap doesn't mean they're the right person to promote your Products, Services and People!

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