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What are Blogs and White Papers? Simply put:

  • Blogs: are articles you write about yourself, your services and what you are an expert in. You mention your company name and it's pretty much all about you! Many blogs are posted on your own website.
  • White Papers: are similar, but without mention of you or your company. These articles are about specific topics in which you become an expert in your field. Many of these are posted elsewhere (which makes them great for SEO) but will include your name and links back to your website in the signature area. These are more of a soft sell.


You can create Blogs on your own website or use a tool like WordPress. The advantage to the latter is that it also helps in publishing your articles to the World Wide Web, thus also increasing your potential for SEO points.


Easy to use, once setup, you can post additional articles. Use a graphic -- if tied to your Facebook page, FB will automatically grab the first graphic it finds! Readers can post comments to your blog which helps create 'interest' in what you have to say. In many cases, you can include the post 'within' your website as well as link to your very own WordPress URL.


White Papers
These are usually written by professional copywriters then posted to dozens and dozens of directories and websites. Usually part of a professional SEO package, white papers can help you become an expert in your field. Which in turn, will draw attention of your readers back to you for your services.

You are an expert in your field -- you just don't know it yet. Think about all the information you disseminate to your clients every day! Now, let's get it out there into the World Wide Web!

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