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Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail


Direct Mail (DM)



• Unlimited number of size and shapes you can use

• You choose the demographics of your mailer – so your ad reaches who you want it to

• By using a customized mailing list, your ROI (return on Investment) increases.


• Each mailer will be customized with the recipients address and their name could also be included

• DM has an average 2-3% ROI rate with 5% on the high end



• The largest post card you can use and stay within Post Card Bulk Mail rate is 4.25x6 – larger pieces will go as Standard Bulk Mail rate

• Bulk mail rates vary depending on:

> The total number of mailers for a given route
>   Size/weight of the mailer
>   How many addresses and how they are arranged per route


• The address area of the mailer will reduce (slightly) the amount of advertising space.

• Added cost of a mailing list, use of a bulk mail permit, addressing mailers and handling fee

• Minimum purchase list of 1000 addresses


Summary: Although it may cost more in the beginning, by having a larger selection in mailer designs and shapes, being able to choose your mailing list through precise demographics along with custom personalization, your advertising and marketing ROI should be much greater over EDDM. Thus, increasing the potential for your sales and your profits!


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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)



• You can choose from a limited number of sizes/shapes, but some are unique enough to grab someone's attention

• Fixed mailing price of 17.5¢ each

• No mailing list costs

• No additional fees for customizing the address area for each mailer – because there is none

• Handling fee limited to bundling -- unless client does this themselves

• This is a Hail Mary pass -- the thought process is send out lots and lots of mailers less expensively and hope the shear number of recipients will bring back results.

• You could have more space on the mailer for your advertising message 



• Limited to the size of the piece

• You can only mail to all residences or residences and businesses

• You're limited to a radius from a delivery point or a specific delivery route

• The ROI is unknown for EDDM since it's a new service

• The Hail Mary pass concept may place your mailer into the hands and trash cans of those that really have no desire for your service

• You can't personalize each mailer

• Minimum of 200 per day and maximum of 5000 pieces.

• Must be delivered or mailed directly to each post office handling your zip codes selected.


Summary: Depending on the demographics of the [potential] customer, sending to everyone may be the right way to proceed. Thus providing you with a mailing campaign that costs less than the traditional Direct Mail.


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