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Media buying can include space in printed materials such as magazines or newspapers, radio spots on local or national shows, television commericals, or even space on internet/cabel providers such as Comcast or Verizon.


Print media advertising means negotiating with the publisher for rates, insertions, size, placement, use of color and so much more.


We negotiate with the publishers because they prefer to talk to an agency that understands column inches, bleeds, CMYK@ Swop 20, dot gain and all those other buzz words. Let Peregrine get you the best rates possible and help you with your next marketing and advertising campaign.


Did you know that most forms of media have kits that will let you know what the editorial subject will be for upcoming issues/shows? Why not take advantage of a specific topic and get preferential placement along with a free press release?


And don't forget, we can create the ads, voices and videos for you as well!


Email or call us for all your media buying needs - (215) 343-2499

Whether you want to advertise in the local newspaper, national magazine or on Cable, let our experience give you the best for your budget and marketing needs!

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