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Direct Mail (DM) and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Whether you choose traditional DM or EDDM, this type of marketing is still a great way to get your message to your clients.


Click here for a quick pros and cons overview!


But there are several facts that you need to understand before you begin your campaign.


1) When undertaking any type of marketing strategy like a direct mailer, you should be prepared to advertise a minimum of three times! Whether it be a post card, then a brochure and finally a follow up letter, putting your name in front of the client and keeping it there is key.


2) Average return rate on DM is 2-3% with 5% on the high end. EDDM is too young to get the numbers, but most likely, it will be less. But no matter which you choose, there are many ways to increase your return on investment (ROI).
• Is your mailer eye-catching?

• Has it been professionally created, designed and printed?
• Are you printing in full color?
• Can you use a unique envelope size to catch the recipients attention?
• Is the mailer flat or is there a 'Free Gift' inside?
• How is it addressed (DM) – name or 'resident'?

3) With DM, what is your mailing list like:

• Did you purchase it from a reputable supplier?
• Do you have rights to use it more than once?
• What criteria did you use?
• Were you able to provide demographics to specify the clients you are looking for?

• Can you request specific zip codes?
• How about developments within a township?


As with many other projects, Peregrine Associates can provide you with as much or as little guidance as needed. Especially useful for those companies that already have their own marketing department, let us become your production service. For those that don't, let us help make your next campaign a successful one!


How can Peregrine Associates help make your next Direct Mail Campaign a success?

Creative, Design and Layout
Mailing Lists
Bulk Mail Permit


Creative, Design and Layout
Whether you want to do post cards, brochures, catalogs or even letters, a professionally designed advertisement will increase your prospects.


Remember, the quality of your mailer directly reflects the quality of your business and service. When's the last time you looked at your mail and thought you'd never do business with a company that sent you a post card printed on their inkjet? Let us talk to you, find out what you need and provide you with a proposal!


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Nothing is worse than having a professionally designed ad printed from an inkjet or color laser or even a printer that is unable to handle tight registration. Can you print on high-end paper choices and have quick turn-arounds? 


Call for current pricing!


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Mailing Lists
Let us help you purchase the right list for you.
• What are the demographics of your clients?
• Where can they be found?
• How many mailers do you want to send out to stay in budget?
• And, if you have accumulated a mailing list, we'll add it to your purchased list and run a duplicate check so you don't mail to the same address twice!


These lists can run you on average between $50 - $100 per 1,000 addresses. This includes demographics, location and multi-use privileges!


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Bulk Mail Permit
Don't have a permit? No problem. Today, your first year cost from the US Postal service to apply and have your own permit is $300. If you have Peregrine provide you with our mailing services, there is NO CHARGE to use our third-party bulk mail permit! That's right, you save $300 right from the start!


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When everything is ready, Peregrine can even handle the mailing. That means, printing the addresses, bundling the pieces according to US Postal Service regulations and getting it to the post office. This costs around $65 per 1,000 mailers.


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Yes, you still have to pay the Post Office for the mailing! This is paid separately to the Post Master at cost.


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Direct Mail Works! Let Peregrine help you decide which mailer fits your needs! But remember, to be successful, budget for at least three mailers!

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