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Graphics How-To ~ Skull & Swamp

Winding Brook farm of Warrington, PA celebrates Halloween every year by putting on a great show of Night Chills Haunted Hayrides! We were asked to create posters and post cards for this scary event and thought we'd show you how we did it!



#1) Using stock photos, we found skull and swamp photos that both had a haunting look and feel.


#2) After cropping out the hand, we needed to meld the two images together so it looked like the skull was rising out of the swamp. By using filters, we were able to 'mask out' the black background on the skull image -- without the lighten filter, the black would cover up the swamp picture completely.


#3) Next, we erased parts of the skull photo that wasn't necessary, copied it and flipped it underneath itselft so there was a slight reflection in the water.


#4) Finally, we found a scary looking font, added it in 'blood' red and put a slight halo around it so it would stand out against the background.





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