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Graphics How-To ~ Reflections

Adding reflections for logos, website headers, business cards and more is easy and fun. It makes a great eye-catching graphic.



Here's hot to create reflections:


#1) This usually works best with some type of gradation in the background – this helps by creating a visual floor. Here, the gradation starts about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom. From top to bottom, we go from medium blue to light blue to light blue to dark blue. The 'blurry' white line at the crossover is a graphic done by adding a thin white line and blurring it. This helps with the transition.


#2) Next, let's grab a great graphic like CMS' logo. It works well if the graphic has a flat bottom.


#3) The reflection is created by copying the logo, flipping it vertically and fading it out to nothing.


#4) Finally, the reflection is cut back to about 20-30%.

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