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Graphics How-To ~ Adding Grass

Ever wonder how to add a pristine lawn when none exists? Well, you cheat just a bit!



Here's how to add landscaping:


#1) As you'll see in the top photo, we have a gorgeous house, but the landscaping hasn't been done yet. Also, you'll see from the red lines, we need to fix the leaning walls (convergence) that are caused when you use a wide angle lens but don't keep the camera on the same plane as the building.


#2) Here, you'll see the walls are now straight. But wait, there's something else we fixed. Can you see that? If not, scroll to the bottom and we'll tell you!


#3) The hard part. First, we need to find a photo of grass that not only matches the rolling lawn, but also has a mowing pattern that naturally fits the picture. Next, we mask out where the lawn needs to be and drop in the photo. Easier said than done.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Don't see what else was taken care of? Check out the missing van on the right side of the original (top) photograph.



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