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Graphics How-To ~ Bucks County Fish & Game Bass

When Bucks County Fish & Game came to us to develop a new graphic for t-shirts and more, we were ready. Creating artwork from a hand drawing is always a great challenge!




















#1) The most important part of this graphic is the bass. And if you fish, you know when it's hooked, watching it jump out of the water is a great thrill! So we first hand drew the bass with plain pen and paper. After approval, we scanned and converted the artwork into a vector graphic. Want to learn more about vector/raster artwork?


#2) We then created the initial design concept of the artwork in Illustrator including what was to turn into wood plaques and engraved signs. Coloring in certain areas helped the client see the separate elements.


#3) The jazz stage – this is where the fun begins! Each part is brought into Photoshop separately:

  • Bass: was colored in by 'painting' different colors and hues
  • Round Plaque: a photograph of wood was used, recolored and saturated to add color depth – grooves were added for depth
  • Signs: the same wood was used but colored differently as you can
  • Text on Signs: By coloring the text and adding some highlight/shadow effects, the signs appear to be engraved


In the end, these were printed onto t-shirts using Direct To Garment technology. This lets you print full color artwork onto all types of wearables. Learn more about DTG here!



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