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Tri-Fold Brochures can be a fantastic and inexpensive marketing tool when designed right.

  • The Basics: Understanding the parts
  • Use the right template
  • Creative • Design • Layout: Let the professionals do their thing


The Basics: Understanding the parts

A tri-fold can have 6 separate parts to it:

  1. Front: Your 'cover' should be eye-catching with just enough information to make the reader want to open the brochure to get more information
  2. Back: Contact information usually goes here and if this is a direct mail piece, this is where that information is placed
  3. 'Dead Panel': This extra fold is sometimes passed over as the reader opens to the inside -- so the information placed here may be missed
  4. Inside Left/Middle/Right: These can be treated as three individual panels or combined in different layouts to use as larger 'thoughts'

The Template: Use the proper template so it folds correctly

No, a tri-fold is not folded into perfect and equal parts.


Design • Creative • Layout: Let the professionals work

Understanding the proper use of this marketing tool will make your brochure a great introduction to your products and services.



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